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Technology Gone Too Far

April 4, 2010

The floowing is a true story and not me harvesting material……

We have all discovered that the drones that man the drive thru at Mc Donalds have a tendancy to create a lot of mistakes; food orders, incorrect change, incompetence and so on. I really think there is NOTHING WRONG with these people, they are simply a product of that enviorment. I could never figure out how in the hell they can never get anything right. Then this happened……

Last night, my flight landed at 11:45, I am in need of something to eat, I went to a Mc Donalds. It was 15 after midnight it looked like it was open. I arrived at the menu, and was delighted to hear a calming voice through the speaker say “Welcome to Mc Donalds may I take your order?”

I said “One moment please.” After I chose which items would harden my arteries, I asked “Are you there?” Nothing. Not a response. So thinking that maybe they thought I was non-exsistent, I backed up and drove forward to reactivate the sensor. She then came back on and said “Welcome to Mc Donalds may I take your order please?” I verbally spit out the death choices I made. I waited for my totals. Nothing.

I drove to the window to see if maybe I missed it or something. The nice lady opened her window, I asked if she got my total. She said ” I’m sorry we are closed”. I responded ” Then why did you ask for my order twice? To tease me?” She said “I am sorry that is controlled by a satellite, I have no control over that.”


Is it really that bad Ronald? Do you not even trust the employees to communicate with customers, you have to have a Pseudo-voice beaming from a satellite? Folks does it get any worse than this? Is it’s name Hal 2000? Not comforting at all. At least do like every other major corporation and outsource it to Bangladesh.

Someone needs to sit down with Mayor McCheese and fix this shit. I always was confused after hearing a sexy vocie through the intercom, only to be dissapointed when arriving at the window to discover an overweight 17 year old girl with pimples who’s obsessive boy friend is going to wait the remaining three hours of her shift in the resturant with all 4 of their kids. Why does she have to hit on me? Is it because my car is fancy with the working windows and both rearview mirrors? No thanks Grimace.

OK. If you no longer have to count out change thanks to the magic machine.

If you no longer have to read to take an order, thanks to the pics on the register.

If you no longer have to greet the customer thanks to C3PO.

Than can you keep the onions off my quarter pounder when I request it.