The Evolution of My Shampoo

When my wife and I started living together….before she was my wife, I noticed she had a rather classy taste in shampoo. I always bought what I thought was a pretty bottle. Now, my wife will pick up shampoo for me and for her, and I think nothing of it. Often when I climb into the shower I knock things around since the shower is the size of a small Kia sedan. (That’s right it’s a callback to a previous blog entry) I get attacked by bottles, frequently.

When recovering the bottles off of the floor, I noticed that her shampoo had a price tag on it. Over the years I would keep looking at these prices…..$9, or $12, sometimes even $19. High dollar stuff for a beautiful lady. So then I would look at mine, $4 or $5. No big deal to me….as long as my hair is clean and my shit don’t fall out, well, I reckon I’m fine.

It then digressed from $4 shampoo to $4 shampoo with built in conditioner. You know….to save time. I’m ok with that. Truth is I likely would not use the conditioner if it was seperate in it’s own bottle so this is ok. But one day my shampoo was delivered to me and it raised a level of awareness in me, I have never seen.

One day I hopped in the shower, and low and behold there it was……the laziness of all cleanliness….the three in one. Shampoo. Conditioner. Body wash. All in one application… one bottle. So like a automatic car wash, all I have to do is squirt this this stuff into my hair, body, etc. all for $4 a bottle. I am rather certain however the PH Balance of my head is not the same as my crotch….it is certianly more acidic.

Now if they can make an auto dryer, that would be great too….in the same bottle.

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