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June 13, 2013

It’s no secret that in the last few years, I have allowed my health to slide. Fortunately I miss what I used to do and what I was, that I am slowly working on it to get back in shape. I’ll get there.

About month or so ago, I started to experience a sting when Peed. Yep. When I peed. I started taking some medicine for a urinary track infection which was diagnosed by my good friends at WEb MD. After three days it started to get a little better, and only stung at the end of the pee.

Then we ate dinner at Dodies on Lower Greenville in Dallas; a lovely little cajun restaurant that has become one of my faves. When we made it home, I went to go deliver my pee as normal. At the end of the pee it stung for a second, then my wiener, made a “Pfft….Peeeeew” sound and shot a rock out of my dickhole. It hit the toilet with some vigor and even a ping sound , then fell to the back of the bowl on the rim. I sat stunned for a moment. I wasn’t sure that all that just happened. I picked it up and to my surprise I delivered ┬áthe most beautiful kidney stone.

A Penis Pebble

A Cock Rock

After analyzing it, it was best to get a photo of it next to a penny to show it’s gigantic dimensions. “Oh No you din’t!”. Oh yes I did.


when you make something like this, you are pretty god damn proud. In fact some might say it would take a mammoth penis to deliver such a thing. But what I really found is that after the rock dried, it showed some beautiful sediment type lines… a mountain or something. I made something that god would have made. I am unbelievable.