The Pain

So I work a lot of Corporate gigs, especially around the holidays.  The reality of it is they pay well, and they take real good care of you, however they are often the toughest rooms to work. They are not ideal, and depending on the corporate climate can be often unpredictable.

This last week I was booked through an agency for a national corporate meeting of a popular rent-to-own furniture store chain. When I arrived I was informed by my contact how grateful she was that I was able to fill in at the last minute, which I found confusing since it was on my books for over 3 weeks. Whatever, I’m there, they are there, who cares let’s do a show.
Now….there was some corporate upheaval, since the company absorbed a competitor and they were all in the same room together for the first time against their will, and there was some “shit going down”. Yet to make things better,  they had just started eating. Nothing makes stand up better then to have people’s back turned towards you while they eat. That’s not that big a deal…I’m pretty good, at taking control.
BUT WAIT!!! Here is how I was introduced:
“ Allright, guys, let’s get ready for tonight’s comedian. You can hear him on XM comedy, and have seen him on TV. Now he wasn’t our  first choice, he is the substitute comedian. The real comedian got the flu. But he should be ok. Welcome Daryl Felsberg.”
You don’t know want to know how the rest of it goes. You KNOW how the rest of it goes.


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